Office Building Solution



— Load classification

The first information that should be known when setting up the design of an electrical system for an office building is the quality of the power supply to be guaranteed to the various loads, i.e. when the economic consequences of an outage are particularly important or when the power supply cannot fail for safety reasons.

— Loads that typically require the most attention are:

— The classification of the loads with respect to the continuity of the power supply can be carried out on the basis of the categories defined in Tabella 1. On the basis of this classification, preferential and privileged loads can be identified and the right power supply associated with them.

• IT (PCs, workstations, data centers) • networking applications (WAN-LANs, structured cabling, VoIP, ISP centers) • building management and control • telecommunications (transmission devices) • protection and control equipment in the distribution of electrical energy (transformer rooms) • emergency and security (emergency lights, alarms).

In addition to the ordinary, he power supply can be:

• BACK-UP: electrical system intended to guarantee the supply of user appliances or parts of the system for reasons other than the safety of persons (Standard IEC 60364-2 - art. 21.6); • SAFETY: electrical system intended to ensure the supply of power to user appliances or parts of the installation necessary for the safety of persons. The system includes the source, the circuits and the other electrical components (Standard IEC 60364-2 - art. 21.5).

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