Office Building Solution



— Electrical switchboard

— LV general switchboard

— Building main distribution switchboard

— Floor and/or Zone switchboard

Switchboard intended for the distribution of ordinary energy (from the grid) in which are installed, for example: • general protection and isolation devices • measuring instruments and any devices for remote control; • protection devices for the lines that supply, for example: auxiliary cabin services; auxiliary generator services; main distribution lines to buildings; distribution lines for services outside buildings; technological plants (air conditioning system, heating and water plant).

Switchboard intended for ordinary and safety distribution (through the generator set) in which are installed • general protection and isolation devices; • measuring instruments and any devices for remote control; • protection devices, preferably suitable for isolating the lines that supply the utilities that require power from the generating set (fire-fighting system, lifting systems).

When these switchboards are located on the floor being served, it is preferable that they be placed in a special room. It is advisable that they be equipped with glass doors (or transparent plastic material) to facilitate checking the status of the equipment. In smaller structures, the floor and zone switchboards may coincide.

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