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— Overvoltage protection

— Floor turrets

In general anticipation of the liquids that are usually used for cleaning, the standard prescribes that floor towers and boxes emerging from the floor (concealed sockets) have a degree of protection at least IP52 in the mechanical coupling on the floor level. If, on the other hand, the floor is raised and spillage of liquids is excluded, a minimum degree of protection on the contour of the cover IP4X is considered sufficient. The degree of protection does not refer to the socket and its plate, which may have a lower degree of protection. The insertion axis of the plug sockets (which must be horizontal or close to horizontal) must be at a height of at least 4 cm from the floor level.

Electrical components shall not constitute a fire hazard or fire spread to adjacent materials. Floor towers and surfaced boxes shall be made of insulating materials that will pass the 60 min stove test at 60 °C and the 650 °C glow wire test. It is a good rule of thumb to install sockets of a different type from those of ordinary circuits on the privileged circuits to avoid connecting ordinary loads. For example, colored inserts may be used on the privileged circuits.

Multistandard 2P+E 10/16 A double-ended sockets with shielded pockets are often preferred for their versatility.

Minimum installation dimensions for receptacles.

Wall sockets ≥ 17,5 cm

Baseboard sockets ≥ 7 cm

Sockets on furniture ≥ 7 cm

Sockets in turret on floor ≥ 4 cm

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