Office Building Solution



— Office vertical profile

— A more flexible and energy-efficient infrastructure

— Technology enabling energy self-sustainability

Electrical infrastructure in a modern office building requires more than a simple power distribution, flexible and scalable technologies for power distribution system for office building are now needed more than ever. In addition we see a requirement to reduce carbon emissions and meet the latest efficiency requirements. Any installed system shall also now comply with standards such as International standard IEC 60364-8-1 “Electrical energy efficiency within low-voltage installations”. Digitalization, country specific standards and cloud connectivity of power distribution systems are the preconditions to allow new advanced services and business models like XaaS or the integration into microgrids.

Many companies now share a corporate goal to achieve a carbon neutral operation and to be energy self-sustainable. There is an increasing requirement to include renewables like PV to the energy source mix of office building. New business models like EaaS (Energy as a Service) or the integration in a microgrid will become more the normal solution. We must also consider electric vehicle charging (grid to Vehicle) and the potential of vehicle to grid transfer using vehicle stored energy to supplement the building requirement. This technological ecosystem enhances energy efficiency, sustainability and resource conservation, enabling a genuine zero emission future.

— Power supply resilience enabling renewables

When in an office building power is mission-critical an uninterruptable power system (UPS) is a must. The use of UPS or battery storage on site not only protects supply but allows for onsite storage of energy derived from other sources than from the grid such as PV and wind energy (renewables) in many case selling surplus power back to the grid may be feasible.

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