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— Energy management increasing efficiency and saving money Electrical energy use in offices rose significantly in recent years because of additional equipment, vending machines, information technology, air-conditioning and lighting etc. With active energy management technology every building has a potential for reduced energy costs. The first step in managing office building’s energy is to understand exactly how much is used and where its used. With this information at hand, areas for improvement can be highlighted, which will improve efficiency and save money. Metering devices connected to the building’s automation system intelligently acquire, store and analyse this information to drive efficiency for the long term. Offices are asking for scalable architecture which are offering both: embedded and external plug & play connectivity. There is now the need for building wide holistic approach to energy taking into account not only electricity and renewables but also solid fuel and gas consumed.

— More intelligent and efficient use of data

Data holds the key to the future of smart building technology with the now pervasive deployment of inexpensive IOT sensor devices as well as data available from other sources such as building automation, electrical distribution, HVAC, utilities, security and surveillance, business data and social media. The available data are typically in a myriad of formats but now they can be normalized by a number of solutions providing derived out powerful data about workspace mobility, accessibility, productivity, sustainability and health & wellness. Over the coming months ABB will add a number of these powerful workspace productivity tools to its industry leading Ability™ platform

— ABB Ability™

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