Office Building Solution



— Investing in innovative office solutions

— Larger rental potential and reduced voids

— Easy and efficient tenant billing

— Overtime increasing value

— Reduced operational costs

An intelligent system detects quickly and maximizes rental potential reducing voids.

A flexible building ready to adapt to the number of occupants.

A smart office building to constantly provide the complete picture of tenant billing. BMS and EMS give the building owner full transparency of operational costs and only we can measure can we see the benefits of the outcome of any change we make. We see the complete picture of energy in the building to holistically drive down cost.

The value of a technological and green building is increasing overtime.

From commissioning and spare parts management, digital panels simplify every moment of the facility’s life. With the monitoring of degradation conditions integrated into the framework, the timely identification and optimized management of system problems can be performed remotely, minimizing on-site activity. Smart offices are substantially more sustainable and resource efficient than traditional facilities, delivering significant savings on operational expenses (OpEx). Cost reductions of 50-60% are also achievable due to reduced energy use and longer life cycles, using solutions such as KNX single room and KNX ventilation control.

A solution that makes possible to innovate the concept of “office”, making it an advanced building ready to adapt immediately according to the number of occupants and company policies. All this, thanks to systems and solutions for monitoring, management and control of all office spaces: open spaces, meeting rooms and outdoor spaces.

In the Western world, sustainability is proving to be a major concern of the 21st century.

Buildings that are partially solar-powered or equipped with an on-site electric vehicle infrastructure contribute to an emission-free future and enjoy lower electricity bills.

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