Office Building Solution



— Running innovative office solutions

— Flexible space utilization

— Occupant wellbeing

— Reduced building down time

The technology has the ability to change the function of a space.

When technology supports human factors.

An intelligent system detects quickly and predicts problems.

Absenteeism and the cost of recruitment are very significant cost and operation factors that impact directly the largest cost to any office based business the staff cost. The technology can support human factors that keep employees and visitors healthy. Many studies now prove the link between workspace environmental conditions and productivity and beyond that ultimately staff retention. The technology increases the productivity of employees. The building sets the right conditions (light, air quality, temperature, …) to be most productive. If we consider the biggest cost to any business is the people maximizing output per person and housing them in a suitable safe, secure and productive environment for the minimum cost is the critical.

Flexibility of an office space is an important consideration, the ability to change the function of a space from say a canteen to a meeting space; to flex the spaces based on the functional requirements from individual working space to collaboration area and all maintaining the distancing requirement that could now exist for some considerable time. Businesses are now moving to a decentralised model with majority remote working and the physical workspace being constantly challenged to be more flexible and collaborative. Systems must be able to be adapted readily, temperature, air movement and lighting requirements changed easily. Flexible space means less space required and corresponding less building and operational cost.

Predictive maintenance makes identifying these types of problems faster and less expensively. It allows facility managers and technical staff to remotely monitor the power system 24 hours a day, via a cloud-based energy management platform. For example, changes in the harmonic spectrum of the current drawn by an air conditioner or circuit breaker can be a signal of an impending failure. Staff can optimize plant performance in real time and switch from periodic maintenance to need-based maintenance, so that maintenance is performed only when needed and the risk of downtime is reduced. Predictive maintenance is not limited to the closed ecosystems of individual vendors.

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