Office Building Solution



— Running innovative office solutions

— Reduced energy cost

— Maintained corporate messaging

— Sustainability and CO 2 credentials

Energy savings are financial savings.

When technology supports human factors.

When the building office is the corporate business card.

Automation systems can play a fundamental role in reducing energy consumption in the tertiary sector which has now become the most energy-intensive sector in the main industrialized countries. Energy management monitoring and targeting drive down energy cost as well as fault detection and diagnosis drive down maintenance cost applied to both HVAC and electrical systems. A BMS gives the building owner full transparency of operational costs and only we can measure can we see the benefits of the outcome of any change we make. We see the complete picture of energy in the building to holistically drive down cost. Cost reductions of 50-60% are also achievable due to reduced energy use and longer life cycles, using solutions such as KNX single room and KNX ventilation control.

EMS optimizes the building energy consumption and supports efficient use of resources. Furthermore the systems allow any changes to building operation to be carried out simply and quickly. The building could be said to be autonomous and continually optimising efficiency inevitably leding to reduced cost

Many companies now share a corporate goal to achieve a carbon neutral operation and be energy self-sufficient for their office buildings. There is an increasing requirement to now include renewables like PV to the energy source mix of their office building. The use of UPS or battery storage on site allows for onsite storage of energy derived from other sources than from the grid such as PV and wind energy (renewables) in many cases selling surplus power back to the grid may be feasible.

Better energy management is also the key to improving return on investment and maximum energy efficiency.

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