Office Building Solution



— Building segment performance for office Innovates the concept of office increasing the energy efficiency, the security and the comfort

Constructing or renovating an office building is a challenge that will impact for a long period of time the whole life of the structure itself, its occupants as well as of the owner business.

Office structures are among the properties most affected by the continuous evolution of the world. In the increasingly imperative context of containing both costs and environmental impact, large and small offices will not only stand out for their innovative architecture but for the high added value services they will be able to provide, for the comfort offered to the occupants. In one woerd office building are the performances they are able to reach. Contrasting needs can only be satisfied with a radical change: electrical systems are not an accessory of the building structure, but the most qualifying part of it. The goal is the intelligent and automatic management of the same building and constant dialogue between its parts, its occupants and the staff in charge.

— Sustainability

— Cost of ownership

— Efficiency

— Flexibility

— Connectivity

— Well-being

— Productivity

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