Office Building Solution



— Building segment performance for office Innovates the concept of office increasing the energy efficiency, the security and the comfort

The digital transformation of work is now history. Like what is happening in the service provided, the building structure from traditional becomes augmented. In an augmented building, the systems are managed in an intelligent and automated way, through the use of a supervision and control system to ensure energy and management efficiency, reliability, safety and comfort for the occupants: • not only energy efficiency, but also economic efficiency. Budget and sustainability are fundamental issues for all structures. Only integration of digital technologies can save energy and human resources. • Into the building safety and continuity of service are essential. Automation and control make it possible to guarantee protection from a large number of events. • Human resources are forcibly limited. The solution is in automation and communication. Automation guarantees greater precision in achieving objectives while reducing costs. • Any office structure is complex and dynamic, the staff and management need an up-to- date and truthful picture. Supervision and control are the technological tools for achieving of all operational and management objectives.

The systems, and the electrical systems in particular, are the central nervous system of an office structure. The intelligent electrical system: • feeds all the functions of the building, allows to provide a dynamic response to the changing environment and the best use of resources (including human resources), while protecting both systems and people. • makes it possible to satisfy the highest quality and safety levels required by the market and the legislator, with lower overall costs, guaranteeing sustainability and return on investment.

Intelligent systems are no longer an option, but a strategic imperative, such as flexibility, sustainability and quality.

ABB’s systems provide an intelligent power grid and building infrastructure for more efficient and effective augmented offices. The flexibility of the systems allows for rapid adaptation to changing conditions and challenges, reducing the risk of non-compliance and drastically cutting operating costs. Powering the buildings of today and tomorrow requires much more than creative ideas. ABB not only knows what a smart facility is, it also knows how to develop the technology on which it is based.

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