Office Building Solution



— Building segment performance for office Innovates the concept of office increasing the energy efficiency, the security and the comfort

— Well-being

— Flexibility

— Sustainability

Ability to change the function of a space from say a canteen to a meeting space. Flex the spaces based on the functional requirements from individual working space to collaboration area. Systems must be able to be adapted readily, temperature, air movement and lighting requirements changed easily.

Many companies share a corporate goal to achieve a carbon neutral operation and be energy self-sufficient for their offices. Increasing requirement to include renewables like PV to the energy source mix of their office building The use of UPS or battery storage on site allows for onsite storage of energy derived from other sources than from the grid selling surplus power back.

Many studies now prove the link between workspace environmental conditions and productivity and beyond that ultimately staff retention. Absenteeism and the cost of recruitment are very significant cost and operation factors that impact directly the largest cost to any office-based business the staff cost. Modern buildings must be also be able to handle pandemic situations like CoVid19 and keep all people health which are using the building. ABB technology sets the right conditions.

ABB to support flexibility: • Cylon BMS • ABB Ability • Asset Management • HVAC, Lighting & Shade control • BOS

ABB to support sustainability: • EV-Charging • M2Z

ABB to support wellness: • HVAC & Air quality • UV-Lighting • Occupancy detection

• Energy Management • Occupancy detection • HVAC, Lighting control • PD (LV, MV)

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