Office Building Solution



— Building segment performance for office Innovates the concept of office increasing the energy efficiency, the security and the comfort

— Cost of ownership

— Efficiency

— Productivity

Give the to building owner full transparency of operational costs, measure and see the benefits of the outcome of any change. Energy management monitoring and targeting to drive down energy cost as well as fault detection and diagnoses to drive down maintenance cost applied to both HVAC and electrical systems. Preventive building maintance can also help to keep cost under control.

Allow any changes to building operation to be carried out simply and quickly and in that case of SaaS cloud bases solution carried out automatically using AI and ML methods. The building could be said to be autonomous and continually optimizing efficiency inevitably leading to reduced cost.

The building sets the right conditions (light, air quality, temperature, …) to be most productive. Maximizing output per person and housing them in a suitable safe , secure and productive environment for the minimum cost.

ABB to support productivity: • BMS • ABB Ability • Asset Management • HVAC, Lighting control • Access control • Occupancy detection

ABB to support efficiency: • BMS, EMS • ABB Ability • Asset Management

ABB to support cost of ownership: • Preventive Maintenance

• Energy Management • Occupancy detection • HVAC, Lighting control

• PD (LV, MV) • EV Charging

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