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— Specific functions for improving building performances

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• Space utilization • Occupant wellbeing • Reduce energy cost • Sustainability

• CO 2 credentials • Maintenance requirements • Reduce building down time • Maintain corporate messaging

Optimized resources and cost reductions An intelligent system not only detects quickly but predicts problems and provides the answer you need. Predictive maintenance makes identifying these types of problems faster and less expensively. It allows facility managers and technical staff to remotely monitor the power system 24 hours a day, via a cloud-based energy management platform. For example, changes in the harmonic spectrum of the current drawn by an air conditioner or circuit breaker can be a signal of an impending failure. Staff can optimize plant performance in real time and switch from periodic maintenance to need-based maintenance, so that maintenance is performed only when needed and the risk of downtime is reduced. Predictive maintenance is not limited to the closed ecosystems of individual vendors. Better energy management is also the key to improving return on investment and maximum energy efficiency. Smart metering and monitoring help facilities to have flexible and scalable access to the energy they need. With the right system, facilities can aim for a 7% improvement in energy efficiency, facilitating qualification for LEED certification and a typical ROI in less than 3 years.

More reliability and availability In an office building continuity and power quality are a matter of profit or loss.

Whether it’s a large office building or a professional studio, maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime is essential. Modern uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) are essential for maintaining power continuity and quality. Modular architectures protect the supply, from the data center, to the workstation, to safety systems such as smoke extraction, to emergency lighting and to all other critical loads. The modularity of the solutions makes easy to update this type of installation without changing it entirely, allowing for greater flexibility and sustainability. To further support this, ABB solutions allow facility managers to maximize the efficiency of existing distribution systems.

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