Office Building Solution



— Specific functions for improving building performances

Occupant 04

Meeting Room

• Scheduling • Information availability

• Air quality • Lighting • Controllability

• Room activation • Temperature control • Blackout control • Presence detection • Scenarios (e.g. projection) • Temperature dimming • Air quality control • Occupancy room status

• Safety & Security • Work environment

Greater comfort and efficiency for occupants A smart electrical system helps teams to be more efficient and effective.

The right automation infrastructure improves comfort and communication between facility management staff and occupants. By automating key building functions such as lighting, shutter control, heating, ventilation, security and energy management, open standard bus systems reduce staff workload. Meeting rooms, cellular offices, etc. can be automatically configured to meet individual needs, saving staff time and maintaining high quality service. Monitoring energy use helps in identifying underutilized resources that can be put back into circulation, while underused facility space can be reused and better exploited.


• Scenarios for special spaces (e.g. showrooms) • Parking status (free spaces) • Access control • Third party system integrations • E-mobility integration • Measurement and protection status detection

Open spaces

More safety Minimizing accidents has benefits for occupants as well as the facility’s financial performance. Occupancy detectors and motion sensors can be used to effectively monitor the presence of people. The predictive maintenance of the structure guarantees safety and functionality. Emergency lighting fixtures and systems provide clear instructions and help minimize injury in high-risk and evacuation situations. Compliance with stricter technical standards is becoming increasingly important. The company requires effective and reliable infrastructures that keep staff safe, even in the most critical conditions.

• Constant lighting control according with the set point • Air quality control

• Temperature control • Occupancy detection • Automatic and manual control of blinds • Manual lighting control

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