Office Building Solution



— Conceiving and designing augmented offices

The goal is to constantly guarantee performances of the highest quality in a safe, efficient and sustainable environment.

Whether it is building or renovating a large business center, a university, small offices connected to a production or logistics complex, up to the professional studio, the design stage will have an impact on the performance and success of the structure for its whole life. Finding the right compromise between competing needs is a challenge for both designers and managers. Conceiving and designing a structure intended for offices requires not only to meet minimum safety requirements, but also the comfort needs of the occupants and staff in a context of energy and management efficiency.

The goal is to always guarantee optimal organizational conditions, such as to allow managers, teams and all staff to perform their duties efficiently guaranteeing the highest quality level in a total safe environment. The best solution to be adopted shall guarantee: • A converged occupant experience with comfort, security, personal preferences • A self sustaining operation at optimized cost • Cognitive function to automatically provide safe, sustainable, comfortable and productive environment for users

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