Office Building Solution



— Features expected from office solution Automation, control and supervision

— Energy and economic saving

Automation systems can play a fundamental role in reducing energy consumption in the tertiary sector which has now become the most energy-intensive sector in the main industrialized countries.

The standard EN 15232 standard allows a simple and recognized estimation of energy and economic savings related to the adoption of an automation system that was previously quite delicate and complex.

Definition of classes Residential D C B

Non residential D C B

The automation classes according to the European standard EN 15232



EMISSION CONTROL Heating control The control system is installed at the emitter or room level, far case 1 one system can control several rooms 0 No automatic control 1 Central automatic control 2 Individual room automatic control by thermostatic valves or electronic controller 3 Individual room control with communication between controllers and to BACS 4 Integrated individual room control including demand control (by occupancy, air quality, etc.)

Control of distribution network hot water temperature (supply or return) Similar function can be applied to the control of direct electric heating networks 0 No automatic control 1 Outsider temperature compensated control 2 Indoor temperature control Control of distribution pumps The controlled pumps can be installed at different levels in the network 0 No control 1 On off control 2 Variable speed pump control with constant Dp 3 Variable speed pump control with proportional Dp

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