Office Building Solution



— Features expected from office solution Automation, control and supervision

— Communication

The communication between different sub-systems within the same building or the visualization via the internet of images of the rooms following an alarm, are functions easily achievable in a bus system.

The main points to be considered are:

• Simplicity of wiring Using bus technology wiring for the connection between the devices, all data and information travel on a simple twisted pair, thus saving on the material and time spent laying the cables. Using a 6-conductor cable, you can also bring power and speech to the various devices. The possibility of using a simple 6-conductor cable compared to the considerable bundle of cables (or the large multipolar cable) traditionally used, considerably facilitates installation, reducing installation times. • Modularity By turning to systems that use modular technology, it is possible to make the system evolve over time, starting from the basic functions and subsequently adding the other functions, without nullifying the investments already made. • Continuity of service and ease of maintenance By taking advantage of the internal self-diagnosis and anomaly recognition functions present in some systems, it is possible to immediately identify any faults. If necessary, the electronic modules can be replaced without having to interrupt the operation of the system, thus ensuring continuity of service. In addition, the electronic room control modules, if installed in the corridor, could be replaced without having to enter the patient’s room. In this way, no disturbance is caused to the patients and doctors and nurses can safely continue to operate according to their needs, while the technical maintenance staff can intervene promptly.

A bus system can satisfy communication needs related to security, control and entertainment such as the activation of video surveillance cameras or the sending via internet of images of the rooms following an alarm, it allows to understand if there is really the issue or if it is just a false alarm. All the functions implemented in the various systems of a building can also be controlled remotely through the use of web servers or remote controllers on land or mobile networks. The video system becomes an integral part of the automation system, allowing, among other functions, communication between the different workstations within the same structure. The different communication solutions between staff and between them and occupants allow for important results, including ease of use, savings in installation and management and improvement of the service offered.

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