Office Building Solution



— Features expected from office solution Automation, control and supervision

— Comfort

— HVAC control - Comfort and efficiency in the same architecture

The increase in the comfort offered by the building and the quality of living are among the best known advantages of an automation control system. Lights and shutters of a room or a series of rooms can be grouped so that they can be controlled automatically or autonomously even by fragile people. This allows to conveniently turn off all the lights in an area with a single gesture, close the windows, put all the systems you want in standby condition (e.g. cooling), activate alarms, etc. By integrating the traditional functions of an electrical system with the control and automation functions of communication to and from the building, the usability of the structures is increased. Through thermoregulation, the system plays a fundamental role not only in minimizing consumption, but also in improving comfort. People with disabilities or with temporary or permanent mobility limitations can receive assistance in using the spaces and their functions. The solutions that in most cases meet these needs can be: • video surveillance cameras; • dedicated voice commands; • remote controls with specific features such as large illuminated buttons; • large parade buttons; • alarms reported on mobile phones in case of detection of flooding, gas leaks, open doors or windows, etc; • emergency call with dedicated or pull button.

HVAC SYSTEMS All HVAC is managed by the building management system

CENTRALIZED THERMAL EQUIPMENT All the equipment for heating and cooling (Boiler - Chiller-UTA - VRV Free cooling) can be integrated into the system and managed locally by PLC / Inverter

INTEROPERABILITY All the communication protocols can be integrated

DISTRIBUTED EQUIPMENT AND SENSORS All the equipment and sensors distributed in the rooms (fan coils, valves and thermostats) can be integrated and managed on the KNX protocol

FLEXIBILITY A flexible and modular architecture allowing to face all the possible cases

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