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— Features expected from office solution Energy Management

— Analysis and charting

— Increasing awareness & encouraging behavioural change A web-based public information display can communicate information on a building’s energy performance and provides tips and recommendations of how employees can assist in reducing energy consumption. By publically engaging people in energy efficiency behavioural change, there is the potential to improve energy efficiency by a further 5% over other energy efficiency measures in an organization. It also goes beyond the building bringing this positive behaviour into the wider public arena. • Improve building energy performance • Energy savings of up to 5% over other energy efficiency measures through behavioural change • Reduce cost and carbon footprint • Communicates energy policy & strategy to the public • According with ISO 50001

— Reporting

The BEMS analysis and charting shows how, where, and when energy consumptions are. Energy consumption data can be analyzed in a number of different ways from spectral analysis displays, regression analysis, actual versus target graphing, and lots more. Charting: • View real-time energy information in day, week, month, year and custom view • Compare time periods, meters and export data Analysis: • View energy patterns using the Spectral Analysis tool • Set targets based on driving factors or fixed parameters • Compare actual versus target • Access regression analysis, overspend and cumsum charts • Analyze energy consumption compared to a smart target for real-time energy management

Reports are an important tool for ongoing energy control by helping managers and key decision-makers keep track of energy-saving initiatives, verify if and where savings have been made, and when targets have been achieved. Fully customized reporting feature allows to generate instant or scheduled reports on energy consumption, costs, carbon emissions, performance versus targets, as well as tenant costs reports.

— Monitoring and alarms

Alarms viewed via the map based interface are particularly useful for a quick overview of multiple buildings in multiple locations for bureau or monitoring centres: • Anomalies detected in energy consumed versus expected consumption • Alarm reports issued via email • Analysis of historical alarms can help identify potential ongoing issues.

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