Office Building Solution



— Features expected from office solution E-Mobility

— EV charging stations

Office building should be equipped with a modern infrastructure EV charging stations, the access is from a ramp with automatic access control and power supply is configured for EV chargers. The power distribution is dimensioned so that all chargers can operate at the same time at full power; in the future the user will have the possibility to increase the number of EV chargers without modify the installation thanks to reserve designed and to the load management function. Load management makes sure that the available capacity of the building is not exceeded. At times when the current demand is high, the EV charger will pause the charge session. The charge session will start again when there is availability on the grid. Slow charging is perfect for employee cars staying for the whole day in the parking, while fast chargers are perfect solution for parking place reserved for visitors, enabling re- charge in a shorter time. The charging unit should be connected to the internet via GSM, WiFi or LAN for perfect integration into smart building system and configuration via app. Simplified authentication via either RFID or App provides flexibility for public-use case applications. Protection and safety of power supply are ensured by protection devices and automatic switches. Consumptions are kept under control and energy meters are integrated into BMS for the asset management.

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