Office Building Solution



— Building typology Office environment

— Lobby

— Canteen

The first area to which people access and is meant to welcome and direct tenants and visitors.

A food service area which includes different service areas: • Kitchen for food preparation and all related operations such as food storage and dishwashing • Dining area with tables and seating, but also beverage dispensing and other food delivery counters • Cafeteria (or bar) • Wardrobe and guest room with reserve areas for lunch with visitors

it is possible to find the following services: • Reception desk and waiting seats for visitors • Turnstile for counting accesses • Security screen area / Thermo-scan for COVID

Receptionists typically have responsibility to control entrance/exit doors, turnstiles and to monitor the security video surveillance as well as other alarms such fire or smoke detection.

In case of safety alarms, the lobby is also generally one of mustering points and an area where it is possible to get access to emergency exits.

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