Office Building Solution



— Power Distribution

Overview - Motivation & Key Elements

The Electrical distribution system is designed to be flexible, safe and continuity of supply is provided for IT and critical loads through the provision of uninterruptible power supplies.

Efficiency and consumption monitoring • Metering systems are provided for each zone and main services such as lighting, heating, air conditioning • The ABB supervision system makes integration of water and gas meters easy and simple • ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager provides a common interface and can use analytics, for real-time understanding of building energy consumption and efficient identification of areas of improvement Safety • The office building is designed to hosts hundreds of employees for working activities and visitors, therefore special attention to people safety and protection is important • One of the most critical exposure happening in electrical system is an electric arc inside a switchboard

Continuity of service • Protection devices have been selected to ensure total safety • redundancy of UPSs for monoblock structures or redundancy at module level for modular UPSs is pro-posed to ensure high reliability Maintainability • Monitor performance indicators of protection devices, transformers, generator and automatic transfer switches • To reduce maintenance cost, it is suggested the adoption of a predictive maintenance program

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