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— Power Distribution

EQmatic Energy Analyzer The new ABB EQmatic Energy Analyzer is a compact solution for monitoring, logging, visualizing and analyzing energy and consumption data from electricity, gas, water or heat meters via KNX, M-Bus or Modbus RTU. The configurable dashboard page provides a quick overview of most relevant metering data and analytic charts. The web-based user interface is individually configurable to the respective requirements and makes it possible to identify energy thieves and optimize energy costs sustainably. Various export functions (E-mail, FTP) for further processing of the data and connectivity options (Modbus/TCP, RestAPI) for integration into supervisory systems (SCADA, BMS, etc.) are available.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) The UPS system guarantees constant and high-quality energy, without power interruption. ABB offers a complete range of UPS for the protection of applications from low to extremely high voltages. The range includes single-phase UPS, modular three-phase UPS, three-phase monolithic UPS, industrial UPS and voltage stabilizers and UPS for MV/LV transformer substations compliant with CEI-016 standards. Thanks to the remote monitoring systems, updated and detailed information on UPS operation can be accessed directly via the web, including setup, internal alarms, and operating conditions. The system notifies alarms and critical events via e-mail or SMS.

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