Office Building Solution



— Power Distribution

System pro E power System pro E power is a range of primary distribution boards with rated current up to 6300 A and short-circuit current up to 120 kA. These units are designed to meet all electrical system requirements in terms of protection, form of segregation and electrical features, in perfect cooperation with ABB’s low voltage equipment, modular circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, air circuit breakers.

System pro E energy System pro E energy is a complete range of switchboards for standard energy distribution inside any building, from main distribution switchboards to floorboards, to department cabinets. The range is available both for wall installation (up to 400A) and floor installation (up to 800A) with over 400 sizes. The overall dimensions are reduced thanks to a depth of 200 mm for the wall versions and 240 mm for the floor versions. All versions can be placed side by side with other structures or cable housing columns. Kit solutions and a fully open structure simplify all assembly steps.

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