Office Building Solution



— Lighting & Shading Control

ABB i-bus® KNX ABB i-bus® KNX, is based on bus technology and allows for control and automation of the buildings, more specifically offices, hotels, and healthcare facilities. The extensive range of products offers flexible and versatile solutions to improve energy efficiency but also to increase people’s safety and comfort. These units allow to automate a wide range of technological systems, such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and more. The ABB i-bus® KNX platform is designed for remote control and management of systems via PC, tablet, or smartphone. The system features can be easily changed, integrated, or expanded without rearrange the cabling layout to adapt the environments to existing and future needs.

ABB RoomTouch® KNX ABB RoomTouch® KNX is a capacitive device for multiple control.

It allows intelligent control of all active and inactive functions in a room or area of a building, such as lighting, shutters, curtains, scenarios, temperature, external inputs, and so on. Every interaction can be easily controlled and managed from a single device. Up to 30 functions distributed on 10 pages can be supported. Icons can be associated to switches, dimmers, sliders, actuators, thermostats, and complex commands like scenarios, display of a value, audio control, split unit control and more. Beyond integrated logic and timing functions, it features a temperature sensor, proximity and brightness sensors, binary input, and analog input.

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