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— Lighting & Shading Control

Busch-VoiceControl® KNX Busch-VoiceControl® KNX allows the management and activation of building functions through voice commands, thanks to the perfect integration with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Designed to manage a wide range of systems, including lighting, heating, and shutters/blinds, Busch-VoiceControl® KNX can manage up to 150 functions. It is fully configurable in a secure and effortless way from the ABB Ability MyBuildings web portal. With Busch-VoiceControl® KNX it is also possible to receive information on the building status, such as temperature, brightness, and humidity. Busch-VoiceControl® KNX also detects any movement or presence inside the rooms, improving the safety of occupants.

Automated daylight control The JSB/S controller, the FW/S programmer, the WZ/S weather station or the HSS twilight sensor and the WES/A weather sensor offer a complete platform to control shutters, windows and blinds based on the position of the sun. The system supports the best lighting and climatic conditions of the areas, also contributing to a responsible use of energy. These devices avoid direct solar glare and at the same time guarantee the best level of diffused lighting. Different brightness requirements can be set based on objects that can shadow specific areas of the building during the day or climatic data acquired by sensors or meteorological stations.

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