Office Building Solution



— Lighting & Shading Control

High quality presence detector 6131/31 and Dali DG/S gateway This group of devices can perfect the lighting levels in different work environments by adjusting the system based on the presence of occupants or on different distribution of the light within the environment itself. This ensures the best level of lighting comfort and a significant reduction in consumption. It can be supported with a thermoregulation system which activates or deactivates the cooling or heating function based on the same parameters. The platform can be integrated with the anti-intrusion systems to switch automatically off all the lights when the alarm system is activated.

Premium DALI Gateway Together with the KNX building automation systems, this unit offers the most innovative solution for lighting control and management in all buildings during normal activities. ABB’s Gateway Premium allows for variable adjustment of the color temperature of artificial light according to natural light variation over the day. When the color temperature and illuminance are correctly dosed, artificial light can improve people’s well-being for all day. The system also allows to track the working period of the lamps, programming maintenance cycles in advance.

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