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— Emergency Lighting

Overview - Motivation & Key Elements

Emergency lighting is a vital and effective life safety tool, providing reassurance and guidance to people at critical times when they need to escape quickly and safely from a building.

Escape route signalization and lighting • Escape route signalization uses pictograms to show the direction to the nearest (emergency) exit. These exit signs have different geometries, dimensions and colors to comply to local standards • Escape route lighting illuminates this route to the (emergency) exit so that people can escape safely in the event of an emergency, as there is a high risk of damaging someone when the mains is off. Escape route luminaires can be permanently on or off Central battery systems or self-contained lighting • The power system must provide a secure power source in case of emergency to supply the evacuation systems • A central battery system will normally be located in the basement of the building or in centralized place in each floor

Monitoring, testing and connectivity • Advanced monitoring systems bring the benefit of a constant 24/7, 365 days per year monitoring scheme • The automatic testing system comprises the light and the battery duration. Data logging software will keep the test results for up to four years, so that there is evidence to local regulators • Connected luminaires allows for a remote installation, diagnostic and testing of the luminaires that translates into time and resource savings as well as safer buildings assuring the functionality of each luminaire

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